Below is a follow up response to the issue of joblessness that I raised in my last post. It is a notice from the Nigerian embassy here to the community in Qatar and I thought it worth sharing on this platform. At least, there is a ray of hope at the end of the dark tunnel.

The Embassy of Nigeria in the State of Qatar has been very concerned about the high rate of joblessness within the Nigerian community. The lack of employment is directly due to the work visa racket, which has resulted in an increase in crime rate being perpetuated by Nigerians here in Qatar.

In order to resolve these issues, the Embassy met with relevant Qatari Authorities at the highest level to discuss these challenges.

At the meeting, the Qatari Authorities equally expressed serious concern about the aforementioned issues and are considering to assist in Job Placements (where available); help in Sponsorship Transfers; and support in Repatriation back to Nigeria for those that don’t have the required skills to work here. It is important to emphasize that this assistance (arrangement) is only available for those Nigerians currently unemployed.

Based on the outcome of the meeting, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation – Qatar chapter (NIDO-Qatar) wishes to inform the concerned people of the under listed:

• That unemployed Nigerians in Qatar should visit the Embassy during the official working hours (from 9am-12noon) to register and submit copies of biodata page of their Passports, Resident Permits and other relevant documents.

• That people that have issues regarding sponsorship transfer should equally register.

• That people that are unemployed and are willing to go back to Nigeria should register to receive repatriation support (if possible) from the Qatari government.

• That the above is only applicable to Nigerians in Qatar as of December 31, 2013.

• That the compiled list will be forwarded to the relevant Qatari authorities for consideration.

• That the Qatari government has resolved to be very tough on crime.

Meanwhile, the NIDO-Qatar Executives wish to appeal to the affected people to avail themselves of this opportunity. The Nigerian community here in Qatar has been highly regarded and respected until recently and the organisation is always ready to help within its capability.



  1. Ypu have done a very good job my sister, trully, you are a worthy ambassador of our great country. May you be rewarded accordingly for this you have done. Keep the flag flying, sky is just, but your starting point. Stay blessed.


  2. this a great effort, thanks to the Qatar for this outcome, it is better for those Nigerian without professional qualification go back before it is too late.


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