They Are Everywhere

My first ever attempt at. ..can’t even call it poetry yet

Oh! They are everywhere.
Mere looking at them, you know who they are
When they speak, you know where they are from
When they move their heads, it tells you more about them

They are everywhere
They are in government offices
They are in private sector

They are professionals, they are artisans
They are project managers, they are labourers
They are doctors, nurses, technicians, they are cleaners

They are editors, they are newspaper boys
They are teachers, they are nannies
They are managers, directors, they are clerks, office boys

They are businessmen, they are delivery boys
They are Limo service operators, they are drivers
They are real estate operators, they are tenants

They are madames, they are house-helps
They are Indians
They are everywhere!

That’s my brief description of the richness of the most populous expatriate community in Qatar – the Indians!


3 thoughts on “They Are Everywhere”

  1. You can’t call it poetry? But, it is poetry. It’s an easy, free-flowing poetry. Congratulations on that first-ever attempt. It is poetry! You did it!
    It’ll get better as you make more attempts. Remember the story behind the light-bulb invention?


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