Qatar spot-on sports today

Today being Qatar’s National Sport Day, I am hoping to actively take part in some of the slew of activities lined up for the day.
Qatar FlagSport Day

Every second Tuesday in February each year is a public holiday and a day when the Olympic spirit of sports catches up with most residents here, old and young, expats and locals, as they put on their sneakers and sporting kits to get more active in one sport or the other throughout the day (it is something we should do all year round, right?).

Today’s event will be the third in a row of hosting the national event, which was established by an Emiri decree encouraging residents to get active in sport (clearly an aftermath of Qatar’s winning of the hosting right for FIFA World Cup in 2022!)

So today morning, I plan to visit the Qatar Olympic Committee’s Sports Zone situated next to the Qatar Central Post Office on the Corniche to work out and try out the AGE reader powered by the Shatak Awalan (Your Health First) – an initiative of the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.
I learnt the AGE reader is a cutting-edge technology which is able to provide a prediction of the risk of major chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, and a body analyser machine that calculates muscle mass, metabolic age and bone mineral mass among many other measurements (don’t ask why I need that please).
The zone will also offer to visitors metabolic assessments, cognitive tests and sleep questionnaires that relate to obesity and diabetes.

Going on elsewhere on the Corniche are many other events for both children and adults as well including: sailing sport car races, sailing races for all boat types, sport demonstration and practice for all, jumping without a line, many different group walks, tummy tuck competition, hockey matches, hit the sac and most powerful man competition.
I really hope to have the time and energy to see all that!

While I might have missed the ‘Fun Run’ at 9am at Aspire Zone, I may go there in the afternoon for the ‘5000 Step Journey’ from 1.30pm-4pm.
I am sure to be fagged out by the end of this ‘journey’, so somebody else might be interested to try out the Flag Football between 8am-4pm; ‘Cycling the Day’ from 9am-1pm; ‘Aspire Active Family Boot Camp from 9am-12pm; Beach Volleyball at 10am-4pm; Girls Go Zumba at Ladies club from 8am-11.30am; Football Performance and Science in Aspire Dome from 1pm-4.30pm.
There is ‘Wall Climbing’ too next to Aspire Outdoor Pitch 5 at 12pm-4pm.

I wish I could also go to Katara Cultural Village next to the Doha Exhibition Centre to take part in any of the their events starting from 8am to 9pm which include: competitions in beach handball, volleyball, cycling, water polo, table tennis, shooting, power lifting, kids and family relay, mini tennis court game and so much more.

An array of sporting events are also being organised throughout the day and across the country by companies and organisations exclusively for their employees and their family members too.

Oh! what a fun sport day today is!

More National Sport Day events can be found on


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