Human Abattoir Horror in My City

It is quite disheartening to learn about the ‘human abattoir’ saga unfolding in recent days out of my home town of Ibadan, a city known to be relatively sane and serene compared to elsewhere in Nigeria. While the story is already very scary and has stunned every one, it is even scarier to learn that a Oyo State government consultant is being fingered for the dastardly act. Below is what I read in the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper yesterday:

“The Special Adviser to Oyo State governor on Environment, Mr Abayomi Oke, on Saturday, opened up on the man fingered to be behind keeping the kidnappers’ den at Soka, one Engineer Gbadamosi, saying that he was appointed by the state government to evacuate destitute from the streets.

Oke spoke on Channels Television, Lagos State on Saturday during a morning programme tagged Sunrise…

Responding to the question on the identity of Gbadamosi, the SA on Environment said that Gbadamosi was among the consultants appointed by the state government as a result of its transformation agenda aimed at cleansing the state of destitute.

Oke said the state government was not aware that he was keeping the destitute he picked from the streets in the Soka building.

When asked why a supervisor was not appointed to monitor the work given to Gbadamosi to know how he was performing, Oke had no answer to give.

Earlier on the same programme, the Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Mr Toye Arulogun denied  the state’s government knowledge of the happenings in the discovered den, saying that on paper, all the land in Oyo State belongs to the government.”

This kind of discovery clearly shows that there is more to this case than meets the eyes. I have a feeling that majority of patrons of such covens might either be those looking for instant riches or those in search of fame and power (all due to their fetish illusions or some kind of sickness that is not tractable). I don’t think it will be judgemental if fingers are, in this case, pointed at some politicians and a number of people with power.

Tongues have even been waging that the spate of ritual killings is intensifying now due to the approaching 2015 elections as some rogues in power or some dare-devils among those seeking to attain power will not mind to go to any length to achieve their aim. This main fact could be the reason why the dastardly act of kidnapping for ritual killings in Nigeria still persists and why the end to it might not be in sight. If people of questionable characters are allowed to be among those in charge of our public affairs then one can rightly say that Nigeria is in a really sorry state.

And with the continuous sprouting of many new dramatic dimensions to the gory tale such as the lynching and apprehension of mad men/women found with ATM cards, mobile phones, hard currency, human parts and their price lists, and all that, I can not but intensify my prayers for the safety of my relative and the entire good people of Ibadan.


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