Why The Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Saga is My Headache


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Every time I see my daughter run around the house, swirling around me, her father, and two brothers with hugs and kisses every now and then, I can not but give thanks for the peaceful and secured environment she is growing in.

When she laughs heartily at our teases and loving, it shows how pure and innocent her heart is. While her flashes of laughters keep giving me great feelings and immeasurable happiness, at the same time her smiley face reminds me that so many female children are not as happy and are growing amidst oppression and in great danger.

This permanent reminder around me has triggered that huge sense of responsibility that each and every mother has a reason to go out on the streets to demand the release of all girls in captivity. We must demand the release of each and every girl child held against her will be it those Chibok school girls in Shekau’s Boko Haram captivity or others elsewhere in Africa such as those being used as sex slaves by Joseph Koni and his likes.

We must all face the fact. It has already passed the time when we were begging the issue…those abducted girls by Boko Haram would have been brutally raped. I can imagine how many of them would have become pregnant with those die hard terrorists’ babies.

Some would have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases like syphillis, ghonorrea, HIV and the likes because I can also image how dirty those ‘pigs’ are. Even if the girls are found and reunited with their families, I don’t think they’ll ever remain the same again. It will take a great deal of psycho-therapy for them to be fully recover, both from being sexually abuse and from their abduction ordeals.

Well, despite all these horrible thoughts streaming across my mind, I do see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. The latest development to the news of the abduction, and the huge attention the saga is currently receiving from across the world, give me a feeling that the rescue of the Chibok girls is around the corner.

Nigerians home and abroad as well as people from all walks of life have truly rose to the occasion by adopting the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag on social media. We the well-meaning Nigerians appreciate your support and camaraderie. It shows how united the world can be in the face of oppression and adversity.

It is very unfortunate that the abduction of the girls occurred at all and also very embarrassing that their rescue was delayed until now all because some of the Nigerian leaders are inept and incompetent. It took them weeks to believe the news of the abduction, dispelling it as rumour (even our so-called First Lady claimed it was a ploy to discredit her non-performing husband’s administration). Can you imagine that she even orchestrated a wailing session, pretending to be helping the distraught parents? It was really a show of shame and a national embarrassment televised to the whole world on national TV!

It is quite clear that Nigeria is in need of international help. So, the helping hands being extended by the US, the UK and China should be seen as something positive by Nigerians and not ploys to recolonise the ailing nation as some Nigerians are already peddling. Despite our present predicament, I don’t think we will be so daft to allow any recolonisation of a state in Nigeria, not to talk of the entire country.

May God help Nigeria and its people. May He rescue us from the stranglehold of Boko Haram’s tentacles and may He expose all the political cabals behind insurgencies in my beloved country Nigeria.

It is a must to #BringBackOurGirls and #EndBokoHaram menace in Nigeria once and for all. We should not also forget to pray for other girls in captivity all around the world!


One thought on “Why The Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Saga is My Headache”

  1. Reblogged this on Miles from Roost and commented:

    The last time I wrote the below blog post about the Chibok girls, I was hoping for an end to Boko Haram saka not knowing that their terrorism had just started.

    The group’s dastardly acts and terrorism now know no religion, creed, ethnicity or tribalism. They kill and maim at will anyone met in their path.

    Though, this devil reincarnate claim to be Muslims, the whole is now fully aware that they are not near being Muslims or can they be when countless number of Muslims, including at Kano Central Mosque, have been bombing and gunned down by the terrorists.

    Despite Boko Haram’s increasing threats and seemingly unending terrorism, Nigeria has hopes that nothing last forever and we shall overcome.


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