Why The Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Saga is My Headache

The last time I wrote the below blog post about the Chibok girls, I was hoping for an end to Boko Haram saga not knowing that their terrorism had just started.

The group’s dastardly acts and terrorism now know no religion, creed, ethnicity or tribalism. They kill and maim at will anyone they meet in their paths.

Though, these devil reincarnates claim to be Muslims, the whole world is now fully aware that they are not near being called Muslims or how can they be when countless number of Muslims, including lately at Kano Central Mosque, have been bombed and gunned down by the terrorists.

Despite Boko Haram’s increasing threats and seemingly unending terrorism, Nigeria has hopes that nothing lasts forever and we shall overcome their insurgency.

Miles from Roost


Photo for illustration only (courtesy: the web)

Every time I see my daughter run around the house, swirling around me, her father, and two brothers with hugs and kisses every now and then, I can not but give thanks for the peaceful and secured environment she is growing in.

When she laughs heartily at our teases and loving, it shows how pure and innocent her heart is. While her flashes of laughters keep giving me great feelings and immeasurable happiness, at the same time her smiley face reminds me that so many female children are not as happy and are growing amidst oppression and in great danger.

This permanent reminder around me has triggered that huge sense of responsibility that each and every mother has a reason to go out on the streets to demand the release of all girls in captivity. We must demand the release of each and…

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