Buhari’s Victory: The Big Winners and The Big Losers

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On this historical moment in Nigeria, a dear friend on Nairaland, passingshot, has written a very eloquent piece about General Muhammadu Buhari’s victory and I felt it’s a good puncher to reactivate my blog for the first time this year.

Please enjoy the piece below!

Let me start by congratulating all well-meaning Nigerians for the success of General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress party at the just concluded presidential election. It is my sincere prayer that the president-elect will deliver on most, if not all, of his promises during the electioneering campaign. May God Almighty grant him good health and wisdom to pilot the affairs of our dear nation.

Following this victory of our new president, here is a summary of those who I personally think have equally emerged winners and losers with the General’s election as president of FRN.

1. Nigeria and Her Democracy
Not many believed that Nigeria was capable of pulling this election off without any major incidents. Many even predicted that the country will boil whichever side should emerge victorious but we thank God today that not only we have pulled it off but also that most Nigerians have come together to accept the verdict. This is a glad tiding of many good things to come to us through our democracy as it becomes more robust and entrenched.

2. Prof. Attahiru Jega
In my opinion which I want to believe is same with many other patriotic citizens of this great nation, Professor Attahiru Jega, the INEC chairman deserves every accolade he can get. The man is an embodiment of integrity, professionalism and uprightness. To conduct an election of this magnitude in a polarized country as ours and still have the trust of many if not most, is not an easy task to do.

At many instances I’ve had to pity the man and wished not to be found in his situation. However, in all of the challenges he faced, especially from PDP and the presidency, he stood his grounds on principle and sound reasoning to emerge victorious. Such challenges came to the climax yesterday when Elder Orubebe once again put the Professor’s humility to test by hurling insults on the man’s personality while the world watched only to see Prof. Jega proved again that he is a complete gentleman as he remained calm, cool and collected throughout the show of shame before delivering his own killer punches on the elder from Niger-Delta. Had Jega handled the provocation differently, perhaps we would be singing different songs by now. A+ for this amiable man from the north.

3. APC
The APC (mainly an alliance of APP and ACN) as a party was formed a little over one year ago and not many at that time would have thought that the party will be the ruling party by May 29, 2015. Such was the doubt at the time of forming the alliance that some parties backed out at the last minute (notably APGA and AD) while Doyin Okupe, the president’s spokesman predicted that the alliance will not survive a year. He boasted that should APC survive a year he should be called a bastard. Today, not only that APC has survived a year, it has uprooted PDP from the center.

In all of this success of APC, special names that must be singled out include Bola Tinubu, Jagaban of Lagos, Chief Bisi Akande, Chief John Oyegun, Chief Ogbonaya Onu and of course the ultimate beneficiary of the alliance and our incoming president General Muhammadu Buhari. They all have sacrificed some personal comfort and ambition to give Nigeria a vibrant democracy through a worthy and strong opposition.

4. Amaechi & Okorocha
These two politicians from the SE are fighters in the real sense of the word especially Gov. Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state. They took a position which was unpopular amongst their people but they refused to waver in the face of brutal provocation, victimization by the presidency, character assassination, lies and even mockery from their own people. They were called traitors, looters, thieves and all sorts of unenviable names yet they endured and stood for what they believed in.

Amaechi was even betrayed at the last minute by his deputy whom he had put his hope and confidence in to fight with him. Surely, he must have felt deeply pained by such betrayal considering that the deputy was reported to have moved/seconded the motion to decamp from PDP to APC at the height of their turbulent political period. I give him A+

5. The slain souls
To those who died during the electioneering campaign and voting exercise in the hands of our military personnel and some political thugs, we say may your souls rest in peace and may those you left behind find the fortitude to bear your loss. You died for democracy and we appreciate your struggle.

6. GEJ
I never would have thought to include GEJ in the list of big winners in this election given that I do not trust him on his words. Many times we have witnessed him tell half-truths, outright lies and bare-faced denials. Fortunately for this calm-looking president from Bayelsa state, he found the courage (whether he was encouraged to do it or not) and swallowed his pride to call president-elect General Buhari to concede defeat. This singular action from him, despite many gaffes has secured a place for him in the history of Nigeria as one who helped to keep the country as one. I award him a grade of “A”.

7. Nairalander Progressives
We are ordinary Nigerians who decided to propagate the message of Change irrespective of our tribes, ethnicity, religion and political affiliations. We endured barrage of insults from the opposition camp here as we were either termed religion fanatics, born-to-rule nonentities, illiterates, e-rats, APCheats, paid agents and many other unpalatable names.


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